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Hi, I'm Sydney! I'm the recipe developer, food stylist, photographer, designer, and web creator of this blog. I create recipes that are easy to make, healthy, and have some sort of funky flare. Keeping on top of instagram food trends is more than a hobby, it's an obsession. Whether you're looking for recipes, kitchen tips, or inspiration, I'm sure you'll find it here!

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sydney clark childhood photo

I've been in the kitchen ever since I was tall enough to reach the kitchen counter. Actually, before then... I have fond memories of sitting on our kitchen counter helping my mom cook from when I was too small to reach the countertop. Every summer of my childhood was spent in cooking camp, and a majority of my free time in junior high was spent watching Cupcake Wars and Chopped.

Learning photography was an essential part of my culinary design. In a world where we share everything, taking great pictures is extremely important. My first project where I combined my love of food with photography was making and styling this fruit tart (recipe by my idol Ina Garten).

shortbread fruit tart

When you google what a scullery is, this is what shows up...

google search the scullery

While this isn't the most glamorous of places, this is where I got my start. In my junior year of college, San Luis Obispo welcomed its first Williams Sonoma store. Being the kitchen fanatic I always have been, I applied right away. My resume complete with "Sydney's Catering Co." and portfolio of a recipe calendar I made the year before landed me a job as the culinary expert. The scullery, a teeny kitchen hidden behind the shelves of braising sauces and spices, was where I would spend my time creating recipes.

In April of 2017, I was offered an internship as the Food Development Intern as Williams Sonoma Headquarters. Working on the Food Development Team was by far the best work experience I could have asked for. I put in my fair share of work in research and presentations, but the best part of the job were daily tastings. Judging bundt cakes, sampling sauces, and sipping the latest cocktail developments made me question if what I was a part of was a real job.

Sydney in Williams Sonoma Test Kitchen